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About us

Naval's Academy is the largest chain of schools in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. It is the first school to have 11 branches with more than 12000 students enrolled in one city. The school boasts of affiliation from both C.B.S.E board, New Delhi and U.P Board, Allahabad. The school has the provision for imparting education from Kindergarten to post graduation in order to offer world-class educational opportunities in the city of Gorakhpur.

Naval Academy believes in overall development of students and so does not limits itself to academic activities only. Cultural activities, games, expeditions, outdoor activities and project work forms an essential part of the school curriculum to relate education to real life experiences and to ensure holistic development of students. Every branch academy has a well-furnished library to arouse intellectual curiosity in students and to inculcate physical, emotional and spiritual values that helps them transcend the parochial communal, religious and provincial prejudices. Computer laboratory in each branch of Naval's Academy imparts computer literacy to its students by acquiring latest computers and by appointing highly qualified teachers to provide lessons.

Every branch of Naval's academy also has science laboratory, A.V English room, math laboratory, clubs and societies and e-learning classes to imbibe in students the ability to cope with myriad challenges of life and to impart quality education to them without making it a monotonous task.

Naval's Academy provides conveyance facilities and hostel accomodation to make affordable education accessible to those students who belong to the far-flung districts to ensure that their dream of getting education materialises.

Naval's Academy believes that education is a magic touch that moulds clay into a gem. It, thus, endeavours to leave no stones unturned in imbibing in students the core and quintessential values of compassion, perseverance, commitment, service, altruism and self-discipline.